From the time we’re born we’re measured against ordinary. Better. Faster. Greater. But when you shake off expectations, you’re free to find and express yourself. This is the COUP moment. A time to celebrate the real, ever changing, growing and infinitely rare you.

Our champagne is personal.
Each set of rare vintages is collected exclusively from the cellars of independent producers who are as unique as you: rich in talent, passionate in craft, with narratives full of failure and success.

 Celebrate anyone who dares to be different,
because society certainly won’t.

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Each bottle pays tribute to your one-of-one individuality. Hand crafted. Hand painted. Hand assembled. Personalized captions. No two bottles are remotely similar.

Don’t to wait to be someone. You already are someone. 

Born with insecurity, our natural desire is to belong. But there is greater elation to standing out. A more powerful calling. Be part of the COUP story, and help it grow. From blog post to graffiti, the expectations of what it means to be a champagne brand are about to be shattered.