Champagne Sabering Masterclass & Tasting (Tiburon)

Champagne Sabering Masterclass & Tasting (Tiburon)
  • 60 Minute Experience
  • Good for a group of 4 people.
  • Includes 1 Saber & Crystal Flutes case and 2 extra saber bottles of champagne to refill their case.
  • Net price - $725

Immerse yourself in the exhilarating art of champagne sabering. In this segment, we'll unlock the secrets behind this centuries-old tradition that combines skill, precision, and a touch of theatrical flair.

Originating from the era of Napoleon Bonaparte, champagne sabering is a captivating spectacle where a bottle of champagne is opened with a swift stroke of a saber, resulting in a dramatic burst of bubbles. Join us as we step into the realm of sabrage and learn the techniques behind this impressive feat.

First, we'll explore the history and symbolism behind champagne sabering, delving into its connection with military traditions and celebrations. Discover how this practice became a symbol of triumph, festivity, and the art of living in style.

Next, we'll delve into the anatomy of a champagne bottle and identify the precise location to strike the bottle with the saber. Learn the correct angle and swift motion required to achieve a clean break at the weak point of the bottle's neck, allowing the pressure to release and the cork to fly dramatically.

Safety is of utmost importance when performing champagne sabering, so we'll discuss the precautions and essential guidelines to follow. Understanding the correct handling of the saber and ensuring a controlled environment will ensure a memorable experience without any mishaps.

Step by step, I'll guide you through the technique, sharing tips and tricks to perfect your sabering skills. Practice your stance, grip, and the fluid motion required to create an unforgettable moment of celebration. With practice and confidence, you'll be able to confidently saber a bottle of champagne and captivate your

Finally, we'll celebrate our newfound skill by enjoying the fruits of our labor. Savor the sparkling rewards as we taste the champagne that has been elegantly opened through sabrage. Explore how the experience of sabering affects the perception of the champagne, from the release of the aromas to the enhanced sense of celebration.
Join us in this exhilarating add-on segment of the masterclass and unlock the captivating art of champagne sabering.

Elevate your champagne experience and create a truly unforgettable celebration.

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Elegance and sophistication

Coup is always an ideal gift for celebratory moments!

Custom Supreme Case
Jonathan Lee
Amazing Amazing Amazing!

One glass came in broken (not at fault of Coup and their amazing team) but they were so great at expediting a replacement for me! Truly happy for the service and kindness of the entire team. The customization I received on the bottle was nothing short of incredible. I’ve never found another product quite like what you all offer and 10/10 will order again!!!

Perfect Client Gift

I have been eyeing Coup for a while and I finally bought it as a gift for a client. I feel it represents me well and the customized bottle is a great way of personalizing the gift.

Janus Cercone
Coup champagne from Upfronts event

Terrific quality and experience. Thank you!

Continually Delivers!

We order from Coup quarterly and every quarter they deliver over and over again! The custom landing page, delivery, presentation of items, everything is top notch. If there's ever an issue it's handled immediately as their customer service is second to none. It's truly such a pleasure working with Coup.

Beautiful product and customer service that goes above and beyond

Thank you to Camille and the Coup team for making annual gifting easy and beautiful, and for always going above and beyond on customer service. I’m so glad to have found you!!

The Best!

This is our second order with COUP. Could not ask for a better more tailored experience all around! Would give 100 stars if I could. This is my first stop for all of our company VIP gifts!

Ryan & Amy

Thank you to the COUP Team for setting up a custom landing page and custom Metal Flute & Saber Gift Cases. We wanted to use this as a prize for an event we were exhibiting at, but they didn't allow alcohol on the floor. COUP suggested a non-alcoholic demo on site, with the alcoholic case shipped to the winner after the conference - THANK YOU! We are so pleased with our experience with COUP and look forward to working with their team again soon.

Custom Solo Metal Case
KC from Ansarada

Really appreciative of the COUP Team for ensuring our order of 10x personalized Design Metal Flutes Gift Cases were delivered without fail to our clients prior the Christmas break. We gave them short notice but they really went over and above. Fantastic customer service plus the high-quality, personalized gift cases were appreciated by their recipients. We received glowing messages of appreciation. Thank you so much!

Product arrived as described and pictured. Glasses were clean, unused, and perfectly intact. I was able to travel with this as a piece of checked luggage with no issues

Custom Standard Bottle
Richard Hazzouri
Great Product!

We love working with Coup. They make it so easy to send our Holiday gifts to clients and our clients love the gift! Keep up the great work and welcome Amy. You joined a great team!!!

Truffle Shuffle
Truffle Shuffle
Love the products and team!

These are the best gifts to give someone that "wow factor!" The support team, Camille (and Ashlee) are rockstars and always take exceptional care of me!

Thank you so much!

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