“A CONTRIBUTION TO THE HUMAN SPIRIT. Raising our glasses to the MTV Video Music Awards 2019.”

Voices unmatched. Opinions, rally cries, canyons of sorrow. Lyrics of love lost and won. Vivid narratives we can’t shake. A single note and we’re there. We’re more than there. We’re alive. Electrified, inspired, and finally awake. It’s passion sustained, and we feel the bolt of energy, the jolt in our soul. It’s lifeblood, it’s real, it’s a coup. It’s music.

A contribution to art is a contribution to the human spirit. What else freezes and floods us all at once? Soothes us but shoves us into action? Strips us down yet gives us the courage to fight back, bite back, write back, light the way back home? What else teaches us that our undoing is actually our making?

Music dares us to try again. Paired with art direction, choreography, and visual effects, music disrupts the universal daydream. The tradition-trance. It trips the sleepwalker. Pulls us from the hypnosis of routine. It’s loud. It’s primal. It splits hearts wide open and calls to our core.

“Artists, musicians, entrepreneurs, rebels – we call you creative culture. We call you COUP family.”

Artists, musicians, entrepreneurs, rebels – we call you creative culture. We call you COUP family. We’re excited to celebrate the big moments. Our limited edition MTV VMA bottles are subtle, but they speak our gratitude. COUP honors the untamable. All the success. The surge of talent. The wave of irreverence. Those who’ve chosen to re-write the rules and do so unabashedly.

But we don’t stop there. Our champagne and fraternity are about more than awards and the public stage. We raise our glasses to every step you take. To the days that make you true artists. To the stamina. To the grind. We drink, in awe of expression itself. To the hours unseen and unheard. To the spark inside you that had to find a way out and did.

Beyond the label, beyond performance, beyond applause – we recognize the brilliance wasn’t free. The visionary may be intentional, but the path is often unpredictable. The path demands a reckless will. So, we commemorate the process, the pain. The work you put in, your growth.

Thank you for your artistry, whatever your medium. For what it cost you. For what it continues to cost you.

We salute every foot forward when you are told “no.”

You’ve found yourself. You share that with us. And for that? We party.